This is what happened after eating junk for a year

I spent a lot of my younger life wishing for curves that every second girl my age had; meanwhile I was chubby with a muffin top and hated it so much.  Little did I know that I would grow and develop a little; not too much curve to say the least but it was perfect for me to identify with my femininity at the time. I began to identify with being a perfectly built young lady until I realized that the curves had to come with a slim waist…slim-thick they would call them, boy oh boy! How was I supposed to attain that? I tried eating healthy but I would always relapse, start exercising but felt it was competing with my academics time management-wise.
Last year in particular (2017), I decided midyear into procrastinating weight loss, to eat anything I had wanted and I mean anything!  Principal reason being that food is delicious and i was tired of not having a stable routine when it came to eating. I had pizza because I felt like it, a burger because I wanted...I am talking chocolate every oth…

reporting to duty with a brain drunk from nostalgia

i graduated on my birthday

your clothing account could be a meal ticket

M .i. A

catching up a little

early bloomer

imperfect majority, you are messing up..

thinking out loud


July! when did you get here?