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its called: being close!

Yes! some humans tend to think they can be perfect, but it is way out of our league! we cannot be perfect.. all we can do is at least be close to it or try to imitate it. one may ask, how?  well a friend of mine once told me that make up, enhances beauty and guess what? it actually does..but don't over do it!
sometimes in my spare time i'd spend time watching make up tutorials on YouTube, trying to  get that liquid liner 'wing' right   and when i finally get into action myself, i have to wipe a few times until i get  the perfect shape.. see? it takes a little effort for you to get what you want and be that close to perfection. 
at times we are afraid to be what our dreams and fantasies make us out to be, we are afraid of people laughing at us and judging us just because of the few changes that we've added or removed from ourselves..OH WHAT MOCKERY! "what will they think of me if i get a nose piercing?"..oh honey, if you want a nose piercing, get it..yes the…

no reason at all

 Its human to let go off things that we love, but the process is much quicker when we are treated in the worst possible when we are ignored or just pushed away.

everyone is different..we live in our little bubbles that shelter us or even nurture us when we need the care, but sometimes people burst our bubbles and we end up falling on the floor and wondering where we will get the soap and water to make more bubbles. some people are like worms that reside in an apple.. as soon as the apple is consumed the worm loses a home..either killed,swallowed by mistake or tossed away angrily. so  people can be easily rejected or chased away from  a persons heart and love as easy as the above scenarios. we may sit and wonder what we did to receive such treatment from the next person but still find no answer. sometime i still wonder why i lost some friends..i cared, i loved..but unfortunately that was not enough.

everyday i learn to appreciate myself even more, because i'm the only one w…