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if tears grew long would your lashes be?

i agree its been quite a while.. and i certainly do not  have any excuses but i do blame the bad WIFI around my of the disadvantages of living on some student accommodation.. but none the less i'm here and i'm sharing what has been running around in my mind for the past few days., eerr..makes me feel guilty to say weeks haha.. :) 

Ok so one of the things i have observed about the human species is that we tuck away what we feel and it eats us inside..We use some  Tumblr quotes about how we smile at the world while we sad.. trying to look strong...we only making it worse don't you think? We might just be digging our own graves. Its amazing how that one person with a smile on their face, acting like they "got this" are the ones that need help and a shoulder to cry on.. one day you might just stumble across them at your psychologists office..

It makes me imagine this..If tears grew lashes how long would your lashes be?...Obviously those who have cried the mo…