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albums i am listening to

Okay so so far, anyone who bothers to read my blogs may find them motivational, funny, upsetting or 'not bad' for an amateur blogger..well i have to say i would like to branch my blog into other things as you can see, this time i will be sharing with you guys albums i am really loving right now..some may say they are old..but to me, music is timeless.

so this album right here..Love Marriage and Divorce by Toni Braxton and Babyface really surprised me..i expected less from it because i barely even knew who Babyface was..but obviously gave it a chance because i'm a fan of the Braxton Family Values, favourite tracks from here are: Rollercoaster, I wish, Reunited, Hurt you and Where did we go wrong.

She's definitely pretty in the eyes of her man,,and well i think so too..but her voice does wonders! in my personal opinion, i think she has the best vocals compared to her sisters..yes, even Toni. this album makes me want to curl up in bed and think about love …

i want

i want to travel..i really do..see myself in parts of the world which i only used to see in magazines..i want to see myself paging through a Vogue magazine and drinking non-alcoholic fine wine, if that exists. i want to check the time on a Michael Kors watch and adjust my Moschino belt before i go to the beach and relax by the bonfire with friends who are from all walks of life..different cultures and races..even if its religion that is different...

i want to go to a foreign country for a few months..learn their language..even if i don't become fluent...i want to surround myself with positive spirits because i believe that they are contagious...i don't want to write a love song about you...i want you to write love songs about me and mean it..because i'm selfish sometimes and i want you to teach me to be selfless..

i want to attend different festivals held around the world..experience them and later have stories to tell when i host dinner parties at my house..i want my ears t…

the B word

its a pity how society has been brain washed about the definition of beauty and how beauty should look like..we've become slaves of our own pointing on who has caramel or tan skin..puffier lips or brighter eyes and putting them in the box labelled beauty...its gotten so bad that some of us dark skinned hunnies are told "you're pretty for a dark skin girl" really, what is that supposed to mean?

there is a point in time where girls look around themselves wondering if they are prettier than the girl in the magazine or any other girl passing by, and then realizing that 'yes she is pretty..but i think i'm better' then realizing again that the girl has a perfect smile then finally giving up on comparing, because you realize that both of you are beautiful in your own kind of way and nobody can compete with that.

sometimes its great to see that some people are trying to give the world a whole new perspective of the definition of beauty, althoug…