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hey guys i was scrolling through Tumblr and found this post..i think its something that most girls can relate to..i love the REALNESS of the writer ( Raven Elyse)..although this is heartbreaking, its actually inspiring and an eye opener!

I CANNOT BE ANGRY AT SOMEONE FOR NOT LOVING ME.So instead, I become angry with myself for loving them. How can I be mad at someone for deciding that I am not the one for them? I cant say that they’ve done anything wrong by finding someone who suits them better. I cant blame them for their lack of interest in me. It’s not their fault that they dont want me. What are they supposed to do? Stick around for my sake? Pretend to love me until I decide it’s okay for them to leave? If they are done with me, and they see something else that they want…it is not my place to hold them back. I cannot tie someone down who does not want to be tied. It’s a waste of my time and energy. I can, on the other hand, be upset that I am not the chosen one….ever. And I am. I mean…

procrastination royalty

Sometimes i feel like i'm either gonna plan my wedding at the last minute or i'm going to be late for my own wedding day ( God forbid, lol)..the groom will probably be anxious, thinking that i'm having cold feet..of which would be absolutely wrong because if i agree to marry you young man, i love you and i'm definitely  not going back to single hood just because of stupid cold feet that could be warmed up at our honeymoon destination, yes i'm the queen of procrastination,also known as  the thief of time and opportunities.. And believe me i want to be overthrown!

When mom reprimanded me today about this 'problem' i felt so ashamed of myself.. I wanted to shed a tear or two about it because what she was saying was true and i realized that i have to do something about it because to my surprise, dad was siding with her, lol... i'm the girl who always trusts her instincts..i do that because i have those instincts to thank if i succeed and blame on if…

Aplicable quotes

hey guys...just sharing with you the quotes that i found relevant during these past few weeks..enjoy :)

Sometimes i find myself trying to please others, without appreciation being handed to me... See, we don't usually do this because we want to put ourselves into their good books, but all we wanted to do was to put smiles on their faces and make their mood more hurts when that becomes an epic fail right?

several times this month i really wanted to be alone..i wanted to go to a place where no one knew me..just to forget a little bit about life's little pitfalls..instead i spent a lot of time in my room, thinking and planning for the future..although this could be emotionally draining, it could be therapeutic as well. after being in my cocoon, i found my self feeling happier and a lot eager to approach my future! try it..i know friends can be fun but sometimes you just need a little break, the so called "me time" doesn't have to be as long as mine s…

its vague..

is it not  beautiful when you gather with many beautiful ladies in one room and listen to some of them talk about their troubles and how they overcame them? at one point i ask myself that "how can someone so beautiful go through something so ugly?!" never ceases to amaze me when one of the most beautiful eyes have cried the most bitter tears in life! and by beauty , i just don't mean physically, but i mean how the ladies carry themselves, and most importantly, how they treat people.

i don't like it when i blame the past on what is happening in the present time, but i tend to do it anyway..why? i don't know. i know this is a problem that many of us face..we tend to dwell on yesterdays glory and get stuck in the process, so a wise lady mentioned that we should deal with both our successes and failures..emphasizing the fact that we shouldn't let past failures hold us back AND  we mustn't let past successes blind us into thinking that we are "the is…
a wise head on good shoulders your reputation, not tainted  your own pride follows you like an entourage waving your hand from side to side  the very same hand you raise your glass with during celebration..special occasion
fresh bouquet of flowers,the smell.. hurting your nose with the sweet aroma attractive odour, deep olfaction
when disapointment hits your face dont be suprised leave room for it when they all against you.. God is for you  wipe bitter tears off your cheeks stop them from from escaping the corners of your eyes dont leave them to roll down and meet beneath your chin
hold the hand of hope smile at faith  walk with wisdom make friends with love  make amends with past elope with future
i dont know what i think i was writing here but