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light bulb vs chandelier

I can't contain the feeling that i have right now! all of a sudden i see that little light bulb at the top of my head..and NO it doesn't represent an idea..its actually a light bulb that has always been at the top of my head but i have been so preoccupied that i didn't even notice it..or maybe i did notice it but i just ignored it because of some sort of thing i know for sure is, if it was a chandelier i would have noticed it a long time ago, because as women we love the finer things in life and tend to flick away the simple because we believe we deserve better!.. like the ugly duckling turned into a  beautiful swan, my simple light bulb will transform into a chandelier mystically.. someday, somehow! lol

So my dear..what i have is a notion, this sudden impulse and desire to get to know who  my God really is?!. I have been a christian ( Catholic to be precise) my whole life..i have gone through three rites of the seven sacraments during my Catholic boardin…

hello Pretoria! hello August! : a photo diary

hey beautiful people! i know i have beem MIA for a while,i apologize and thanks for your patience! you know that as a person you need to have a breather..sometimes a breather becomes soo epic lol :). last weekend my friend and i decided to visit some of our good friends in Pretoria, which isn't too far from Johannesburg and boy did we have a blast. unfortunately we didn't get to go to many places due to time but these are some of the pictures that we took in between the fun and mini high school reunion, i love these girls!. On our little trip we managed to visit the zoo in Pretoria,it was an amazing experience because i haven't been to a zoo in like forever (primary school) i was so excited!..its a pity we didn't get to interact with any of the animals there like i had imagined. the second place we went to was the Union buildings,which is regarded as Pretoria's favorite landmark. We got to see, touch and take pictures with the bronze, 9 feet Nelson Mandela s…