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Like an olive tree...

Psalm 52:8 "But I am like an olive tree flourishing in the house of God; I trust in God's unfailing love for ever and ever."
when one comes across such words in the bible, they might ask themselves: "what is so special about an olive tree that David found himself measuring up to metaphorically?" and by looking, or should i say researching further, i found a few facts about the olive tree that almost blew my socks off! i realized then that this message was actually one of the most beautiful that i had come across, and that it spoke in volumes to me.  Olive trees are ever green.The trees survive and fruit even when they are neglected.Olive trees can survive almost anywhere, from the most fertilized soil to the most poor soil conditions.It is also believed that even if they are chopped down, they can grow back spontaneously. They are known as a symbol of wealth, long life, abundance, power and peace by most.

According to my own little understanding of this, i believe …

They call it Flashback Friday!

while most of my peers are diagnosed with FOMO, and having an awesome time out on this warm Friday night, i am cozy right here in my bed, guiltily indulging on aero chocolate and popcorn. Honestly, this is how i spend most of my Friday nights. many would say "but Mpho you're young, go out and have fun with your Friends" ..well i didn't choose this life honey, this life chose me (lol).
 i found myself reminiscing about my trip to Cape Town Last year with my dearest mother, unfortunately i did not have a blog at the time  ( December 2013), i want to share with you some of the pictures i took while i was on that little 'vacation', because i had awesome feedback on my picture themed  post hello Pretoria, hello august: a photo diary. This might not be as fancy as what you may see on other blogs but it was  a really exciting experience for me. Hope you Enjoy :)

smile, it is the second best thing you can do with your lips.
my first ever camel ride yay! 
At the Swartberg…

i'm broken, love me!

No, don't worry just yet. i am not the one who is broken. At least not anymore. I believe i am loved, conditionally by some around me yet unconditionally by my maker, which is fair in both parties. This blog post is simply about loving a broken person, a person who feels the need to be loved, yet pushes away everybody who wants to offer them the love and affection that they need in order to heal. People are broken everyday by certain things that they prefer not to disclose to us or things that are pretty obvious. brokenness can be from a break up, losing a loved one or being emotionally confused by the turn in which your life has taken you. 

Things take us by surprise every time, problems jump up in our faces when we least expect them to, and when we turn around to see who has our back, we find nobody ..Enlarging the void that has already been created, little do we know that there are people who are willing to be there for us. We find them after a while and then find ourselves tong…

21 things i am grateful for

About a week ago, my Friend Nana nominated me for the 7 days of gratitude challenge. In this challenge  i was supposed to name three things that i am grateful for, seven days in a row and then nominate two people daily. i failed to do so on Facebook, so i decided to take on this challenge on my blog instead because i would be able to just write longer paragraphs.  (3 x 7=21)  so i am hoping this will make up for my failure :) as far as nomination goes, i'd like to nominate anyone who managed to read this blog and my fellow bloggers.

1. God
My designer, My pillar, My comforter. I would be non existent without Him. His presence in my life is awesome, I would be a lost cause and i would be confused without Him! knowing and believing in Him has made me sane in so many ways. I've never met Him or  touched him but i know that He is there for me and He always wants the best for me, His masterpiece.

2. Life
Without it, i wouldn't have the opportunity to be thankful. sometimes it isn&#…

sour grapes

I’m no specialist in the love department but I believe that everybody should get married to their best friend. Imagine a few years down the line and you are miserable and bored because you and your partner had one thing in common, AFFECTION. I believe true love has to be more than affection or intimacy because i think that all of these feelings fade. Communication should be number one, followed by weirdness. Weirdness exposes your partner’s eyeballs to things they have never seen before, something that makes you unique and adorable.  Let your partner brag about how different you are even if it might seem cliché and overrated. Many relationships fail because of input from friends and society. What if you had no care in the world about what other people have to say about your relationship? Don't you think it would have lasted if you kept all the drama between you and your person? Don't you think it would have gone to the next level if you and your person sat down and spoke about…