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sorry, i don't do mismatched socks!

I'm living in a world where wearing mismatched socks is the new black. 
The best thing since sliced bread.
It's deemed 'cool' and absolutely 'normal'...

Maybe i have OCD but i don't like this 'trend'! it seems like most people have made it a bragging right ( hey my name is Becky, and i wear mismatched socks every now and then!!), well i think its quite embarrassing. I understand we lose our socks every now and then but that doesn't give you enough reason to wear a pink sock on your right foot and a green one on the left..I would rather not wear any socks at all.  this is how trust issues begin; you and i go on a wonderful date and you have really nice  shoes on. while at dinner, i drop something and as i reach for it under the table, i catch the sight of your bright colored mismatched socks! This will change the way i look at you forever, maybe i won't even want to see you again after this first date. Okay maybe i'm exaggerating.
The above st…

misspelled i love you's ( TMI )

Is love really as beautiful as they say? Are the happy couples we see everyday as happy behind closed doors? Because if they are just putting  on a show, I don't want to experience this thing called love! I fear it because i feel like it is a dark cloud that just brings forth misery and wet pillows. .  The first thing i did after the break up was text my cousin, it read :"He's a toad!!" And she knew exactly what i was talking about. It meant that my little so called relationship was finally over and I had found out that that my long awaited first kiss with Mr Right was with Mr Wrong, LOL. I was devastated that i had saved my lips for a toad! It felt like an all time low at the time. Where is my Happy ever after?? The question i ask myself on a daily, what is he like? Does he put God first? Will he like foreign films as well? Will he think its gross that i mix  my 2 minute noodles with about 3 condiments and eat them with bread? Probably. But i want him to love every i…

did YOU dodge the bullet or did they?

After a messy break up you will hear yourself saying "thank God i dodged the bullet" but the truth is that you never really analysed the situation to find out if whether everything is your fault regarding your parting of ways due to temporary bitterness. I mean, sometimes we get too lost in a relation that we even forget what we are called to do in it. Relations happen for a reason, whether good or bad, you are supposed to be the one who makes sure that you aren't the one who leaves a bitter taste in someone else's mouth, because you might be the one pointing fingers at the end, blind at your own contribution in this matter.
As much as you are thankful for not getting shot, the next person might also be also rejoicing for getting rid of you and that means that we can never know whom is right or wrong.. Have i ever found my self in such a situation? well,  its safe to say yes but i later realized that i might be the one with the problem and i must say that to this day,…