did YOU dodge the bullet or did they?

After a messy break up you will hear yourself saying "thank God i dodged the bullet" but the truth is that you never really analysed the situation to find out if whether everything is your fault regarding your parting of ways due to temporary bitterness. I mean, sometimes we get too lost in a relation that we even forget what we are called to do in it. Relations happen for a reason, whether good or bad, you are supposed to be the one who makes sure that you aren't the one who leaves a bitter taste in someone else's mouth, because you might be the one pointing fingers at the end, blind at your own contribution in this matter.

As much as you are thankful for not getting shot, the next person might also be also rejoicing for getting rid of you and that means that we can never know whom is right or wrong.. Have i ever found my self in such a situation? well,  its safe to say yes but i later realized that i might be the one with the problem and i must say that to this day, it doesn't sit well with me that i 'might'  have been a terrible person who cared about nothing but herself and her emotions ..clumsily pushing away somebody that i used to get along with so well. It  is hard for us as humans to accept the fact that we have made a mistake! Being humble at this day and age is a struggle, because we always want to be correct and we do not want to be the ones in the wrong, even if it means that we have to present ourselves as sheep to seem righteous whereas we are deadly wolves. I personally cringe at this sort of a "Mr/Ms goodie two shoes behaviour".

An apology can go a long way: the first person you are supposed to apologize to is your self and then later forgive yourself for carrying yourself in a particular manner that might have made someone act irrationaly. And if you still did not find anything wrong on your side, forgive that particular person and continue with your journey. badmouthing people and sub tweeting them in order to seek cowardly revenge is just plain childish, might as well shut up or blog about what you learnt from your series of unfortunate events because you might inspire somebody!

I just believe that we should work  towards becoming better lovers if you know what i mean. lets evaluate ourselves before we start pointing fingers. Many of us believe that in order to know our true selves we should get a second or third opinion from certain people, maybe  friends; i say Ok, but i still BEG to differ! You are supposed to be your own mirror! critique yourself when you feel the need to and then try to round those edges if you may, believe me that every flaw that you identify and learn to accept is a learning curve because one day it can be your breakthrough. You do not need to be that person who walks around carrying a loaded gun that people need to dodge because of your clumsy hands! 

you see that box at the back of your head? that box that seems to be filled with blame, anger and bitterness ...toss it away because you have better things to think or stress about. it is not a matter of who is wrong or who broke which relationship code/agreement; it is a matter of walking away having learnt something  and making sure that you do not repeat the same mistake again. If it turns out that indeed you are the one who dodged the bullet, Happy for you :) 


thanks for stopping by guys!