sorry, i don't do mismatched socks!

I'm living in a world where wearing mismatched socks is the new black. 

The best thing since sliced bread.

It's deemed 'cool' and absolutely 'normal'...

Maybe i have OCD but i don't like this 'trend'! it seems like most people have made it a bragging right ( hey my name is Becky, and i wear mismatched socks every now and then!!), well i think its quite embarrassing. I understand we lose our socks every now and then but that doesn't give you enough reason to wear a pink sock on your right foot and a green one on the left..I would rather not wear any socks at all.
 this is how trust issues begin; you and i go on a wonderful date and you have really nice  shoes on. while at dinner, i drop something and as i reach for it under the table, i catch the sight of your bright colored mismatched socks! This will change the way i look at you forever, maybe i won't even want to see you again after this first date. Okay maybe i'm exaggerating.

The above statements utter ridiculousness. Am I being salty about something that does not suit my personality or should i say preference? Yes. Why am i worrying about something that i would never do? Why does it bother me so much that people chose to follow a trend that i do not wish to follow? Just because i don't like it doesn't mean everyone should follow my foot steps. We often get offended that someone is trying out something new, pretty much exciting and cool to a point whereby it soon turns into us resenting that person more than the trend itself,  simply because it is not something we would gush upon.

 When  exactly are we going to start accepting that we are all different and are enchanted by different things?... why can't we stay in our own lanes and avoid the traffic?. It is absolutely none of your business if someone does not live life according to your doctrine. The reasons why some people do weird and ridiculous things may blow your mind;  you don't know why this person wears mismatched socks.. It may remind them of someone they once loved and lost, so watch your tone and mouth. except for thoughts,  well, you cannot control thoughts and that little voice in your head.

This may seem off topic, but i love going to the mall alone. Because there are stores that i go to that my friends may probably get easily bored off. For example, i like going to home decor shops because the aroma is amazing there..actually quite therapeutic for me, dragging them along would be a complete waste of energy because of the lack of interest that they may show, and that to me is a little bit insulting because here i am, sharing with you a piece of my world and you're shunning it. So by going alone, i'm blocking the possibility of  being in a situation whereby my routines of staying sane are side eyed, and i do not want to force people to love what i love, because we are not created from the same clay.

The sooner we accept that we are not programmed the same, the better. It may seem so hard for you to find somebody who is as more/less weird as you are or likes what you like, but don't give in because you might. My weird people, never mind those that judge you, laugh at you or resent you for being who you are, you are  probably at chapter 6 and they are probably ahead of you or leaping behind you at chapter 2.. One other thing that you should know about our species is that we may laugh now, but later we will copy! Who knows, maybe i will be rocking mismatched socks one day..i cannot stress it enough that humans are ever changing.

For those that are imprisoned by the habit of judging and hating on trends or habits that other people enjoy, Stay smiling and don't rush wrinkles with bitterness, yes its good to show concern towards other people but make sure that you don't end up making other people feel dumb and embarrassed due to the choices that they have made, if they make mistakes, allow them to grow and learn from them ( NB! i am not talking about serious ish right now).. what rocks your boat might sink theirs...let them be.

proverbs 15:4

The soothing tongue is a tree of life, but a perverse tongue crushes the spirit.

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  1. omg i say this to myself everyday!!! found this quote and i try live by it "i don't know how people get so anti something. Mind your own business take care of your own affair and don't worry about other people so much"
    great post!

  2. thank you girl, i try :) and if we all live by this mentality, the world would surely be better


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