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catching up a little

hello awesome people <3 thought i should share with you guys some pictures i managed to take from the past few weeks just to show you what i have been up to. and we have to thank God that i actually had human contact for a while because i'm a homebody,lol. 
i had the pleasure of spending time with friends and family.. the gifts of good laughs and conversation can never be too much. 

 celebrating a dear friends 21st at Melrose arch 

mini photoshoot. lol the story of how i put this whole outfit in a matter of minutes.. talk about a real procrastinator. the theme was smart casual and i ended coming dressed like a hippie..nevertheless i think i didnt look bad at all, haha

miss party in a gorgeous pink dress and her good friends in front of the restaurant we were hosted at, MOYO'S, Melrose arch

the restaurant we went to had face painting as part of their services, and each guest had their faces painted. pretty cool i must say. 

more pretty faces. Mpumi and Inno
Mosima and Lelo <3 l…

early bloomer

I feel as though as young people, we are compelled to be great, put ourselves out there and let our intentions in this world be known. I don't know how it's going to end up because some of us aren't fully formed individuals yet.our passions may be or may not be unknown. we may be having trouble figuring out how to get our grove back or if we actually have groove at all.

I remember seeing myself as a very smart teenager; eager to learn, excited to make a mark, and just be one of the best people anyone would have an encounter with. The things i did then are very different to the person that i am now. Yes i was reserved but i was willing to fake it until i made it. I read books and knew so much! I was convinced i had a big IQ yet to be discovered and i knew words that i forgot now, remembered things i barely remember now. Its sad how my zest for a sense of individuality deteriorated as i got older.
In my mind, I would like to label it as being  an early bloomer when it came to …

imperfect majority, you are messing up..

21st century beauty is on another level. Something tells me that this is the century of beauty and vanity. We live in a fast evolving world,  a world where we might end up disliking ourselves just because somebody else looks better than  us; and sorry to pour sand in your soup but yes, some people do look better than most of us especially behind the lens and probably have their stuff together too than most of us.  The “glow up” has certainly taken place in many and flaunting it is a now or never.
 After many years of trying to love ourselves and have ourselves fit into a box, we are being told that there is a new box that we have to try and fit ourselves into, and we automatically feel like we cannot keep up with the standards of the world but still we look at the box and try to come up with ways to get out of the old box and fit into the new.
existence today is ridiculously expensive and emotionally straining, and it is no surprise that I would like to find a way to live life as a 20 …

thinking out loud

Honestly, I don’t want to be proposed to in public. All these dreams girls have, to be proposed to in front of the Eifel tower or some romantic restaurant is not a dream of mine. I like romance, yes I do… but the thrill of everyone around you guys whispering “say yes, say yes” is a lot of pressure on my end. What if I want to say no! What if my saying yes is just to save you from waves of embarrassment and heartbreak in public? I’m sure a man wouldn’t like to be rejected in public. ‘It would hurt his ego’ they would say. Ego? Which ego? He’s wounded, get a stretcher!
Sometimes I think ego is just decent way to cover a man’s true feelings in order for him to live up to his ‘masculinity’
 I sometimes wonder about how the mind of a man who has been rejected works. And I ‘think’ they don’t sulk all day and cry themselves to sleep like we girls do when we are rejected.  Do they build themselves a cocoon and stay there until they heal or do they act like everything is okay and move on to the…


today was one of those MEH..days so i went on my google drive and found something that i had written a year ago.. well lets just say i had this little hobby where i wrote what i understood from the bible and i got as far as chapter 15 in the book of John, somehow i stopped but after reading this i feel like i should continue with whatever it is that i was doing because it just sort of made my day.

 John Chapter 6: 1-15  (part 1)
Jesus was fast becoming a man who performs miraculous wonders. As known as he is, he became followed almost everywhere He goes, this time a great crowd of people followed him as he crossed the far shore of Galilee ( sea of Tiberius). It is said that with great power comes great responsibility , so I believe that Jesus felt this way when he reached his destination and saw another great crowd of people coming when he was sitting down with his disciples, this was because many people heard that Jesus could heal the sick. Being a man full of hospitality, he asked his…

July! when did you get here?

how my winter vacation started 
well, i know its a little late for me to be posting about stuff that happened three weeks ago but, i've been so busy and i only remembered now that i wanted to share with you guys how much fun i had with my friends before we left the big city for our humble homes. My stay at home was shortlived because i had to come back for a new vacation job i just landed, so i didnt spend too much time with my family.
As you will see in the pictures, we were all about food and talking and exploring..Eating good food with good people, although we did have some ratchet food which by the way was delicious, lol... what can we say, i loove my food.
round 1

i had just relaxed my hair and it yet refuses to grow.. #blackGirlProblems

my friend Kamo, classmate, sistor and so many more tittles<3
my friend and fellow class mate, Rivo 

my pasta at a restaurant called Primi Piatti, was good

kamo and i had the same thing basicall, haha

as for the drinks...

round 2

the next day we decid…


a few months have passed and i have not wished my blog a happy birthday.. wow how time flies! lol, i am actually a caring person who never forgets birthdays but some how, i let this one slip my mind. 
creating this blog has helped me from keeping thoughts to myself. it started off from a bad space and today here i am feeling so much better. strange how venting out feelings and sharing my experiences online can be therapeutic.
i dont know whether to thank those who stumble across this blog when bored, have it on their task bars and check it religiously ( i wish )  or those who just hear i have a blog and stalk the nonsense i write.. who should i thank? 
i choose to thank everybody. you guys increase my views anyway  (kidding on the latter) you dont know how good i feel when someone reads what i have to say because in real life, i have very little to say. whether you like my writing or not, fact is that i get my point across, LOL
my wish is to get to know everyone who reads this blog and hear…


The best complement to give to a black person: “wow, are you mixed with something?”
Why is it that we as black people do not have the desire to have babies/kids that resemble us anymore? As long as I can remember, I find that most black people’s Instagram’s usually have mixed race babies as “hashtag future baby” it’s very rare to have dark skinned babies as ‘hashtag future baby’, dark skinned babies are usually used to make funny memes instead, of which is quite degrading. We are infatuated with big curly hair that is longer than the average 100% black person, the coloured eyes that we rarely see in people who share our DNA. Is it because we are ashamed to be black or is it because we don’t want our future children to go through the same stereotypes that we go through today? Is it because we don’t see beauty in our culture/heritage?
We rarely ever see people of a different race posting babies of other races as ‘hashtag future baby’. It is kind of embarrassing that we place ourselves in…

three types of guys

hey guys! its been a while.. guilty as charged. just wanted to drop this post here. i was just thinking out loud. No offence to anyone but if the shoe fits..lace it all up, hahaha :) 

There are 3 types of men in my book of relationships

1.Men who don’t know how to approach women anymore.
They are intimidated by them and go for girls instead. They date the girls who are younger than them, those who look younger than them or girls that are just plain immature for their age, hence I don’t call them women but girls. Men find it easier to control these kinds of girls as they submit to their boyfriend very easily because of a promised reward. Men who date these girls are not ready to commit, are likely to be a statistic of infidelity and are at a point in their lives where they just want to have fun, no harm done on their part. He’s a sucker for
Fun Risks Short shorts Tight tights Less is more YOLO
PRO: these guys have FUN! (Well, temporary). They never miss out on anything. They have the hottest chic…