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One day when your trip on earth decides to end,  you will cross over to the other side, my faith says heaven. what does your faith say? you and me both don't know when that day will be, not even a clue. you will be standing face to face with a man of Greater power; God, and He, my dear will be your judge. 
Remember back in the day, when we found ourselves in the principals office, with our heads hanging in shame for trouble that we landed ourselves in? Remember how we would always point at someone and label them ringleader? The principal would indeed investigate the matter and at the end we would find ourselves innocent, thanking our lucky stars that we aren't in detention but somebody else is.
 Just like when Jesus died on the cross for our sins!.. we were not crucified, but were given a second chance..a chance to do the right things in this life. Actually we were not given a second chance but rather many more chances.. I mean, how many Easters have we celebrated thus far? How …

Take me back to Durban!

 hey guys! happy New Year!
allow me to share with you guys some pictures from our recent family vacation! the few days we spent together in Durban, Kwa Zulu Natal will forever be cherished and i will forever be thankful :) 

 the view from our hotel window..ahh<3

 but first, coffee
 me struggling to pose once again! LOL

 Look at this little buddy we spotted on the beach..Adorbs!
some of the Christmas decorations that we came across..pity we have HOT Christmases in SA, So our snow is cotton wool, LOL
 this rickshaw ride rescued us from a walk to the parking lot.. thanks man! :) (not photo ready *face palm*)
 At the scottburg beach, one early morning to pick up some shells 

 my little brother the f