Take me back to Durban!

 hey guys! happy New Year!

allow me to share with you guys some pictures from our recent family vacation! the few days we spent together in Durban, Kwa Zulu Natal will forever be cherished and i will forever be thankful :) 

 the view from our hotel window..ahh<3

 but first, coffee

 me struggling to pose once again! LOL

 Look at this little buddy we spotted on the beach..Adorbs!


some of the Christmas decorations that we came across..pity we have HOT Christmases in SA, So our snow is cotton wool, LOL

 this rickshaw ride rescued us from a walk to the parking lot.. thanks man! :)
(not photo ready *face palm*)

 At the scottburg beach, one early morning to pick up some shells 

 my little brother the foodie :D

 I tried being healthy one morning..haha

 would i smile like that if it was real?! :)

 After a really funny dolphin show!


 with Momma<3

  the foodie :''D, Daddy dearest and the recently 21 year old

what i've written on the sand ( Mpho-meaning gift) isn't only my name, but I later figured i should link it to life as well because life itself is a gift and we should all be thankful for it because many of us are still alive after the festive season, while many of our brothers and sisters were unable to make it into the new year ..let's be thankful for this gift and continue being hopeful about tomorrow.

if some of you guys don't know already, i turned 21 on the 13 of December, i think i'm lucky to have my birthday during the festive season because i get to spend it with people closest to my heart, my family.

-lee lacocca

thanks for stopping by!

have yourselves a fabulous 2015!!