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three types of guys

hey guys! its been a while.. guilty as charged. just wanted to drop this post here. i was just thinking out loud. No offence to anyone but if the shoe fits..lace it all up, hahaha :) 

There are 3 types of men in my book of relationships

1.Men who don’t know how to approach women anymore.
They are intimidated by them and go for girls instead. They date the girls who are younger than them, those who look younger than them or girls that are just plain immature for their age, hence I don’t call them women but girls. Men find it easier to control these kinds of girls as they submit to their boyfriend very easily because of a promised reward. Men who date these girls are not ready to commit, are likely to be a statistic of infidelity and are at a point in their lives where they just want to have fun, no harm done on their part. He’s a sucker for
Fun Risks Short shorts Tight tights Less is more YOLO
PRO: these guys have FUN! (Well, temporary). They never miss out on anything. They have the hottest chic…