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a few months have passed and i have not wished my blog a happy birthday.. wow how time flies! lol, i am actually a caring person who never forgets birthdays but some how, i let this one slip my mind. 
creating this blog has helped me from keeping thoughts to myself. it started off from a bad space and today here i am feeling so much better. strange how venting out feelings and sharing my experiences online can be therapeutic.
i dont know whether to thank those who stumble across this blog when bored, have it on their task bars and check it religiously ( i wish )  or those who just hear i have a blog and stalk the nonsense i write.. who should i thank? 
i choose to thank everybody. you guys increase my views anyway  (kidding on the latter) you dont know how good i feel when someone reads what i have to say because in real life, i have very little to say. whether you like my writing or not, fact is that i get my point across, LOL
my wish is to get to know everyone who reads this blog and hear…


The best complement to give to a black person: “wow, are you mixed with something?”
Why is it that we as black people do not have the desire to have babies/kids that resemble us anymore? As long as I can remember, I find that most black people’s Instagram’s usually have mixed race babies as “hashtag future baby” it’s very rare to have dark skinned babies as ‘hashtag future baby’, dark skinned babies are usually used to make funny memes instead, of which is quite degrading. We are infatuated with big curly hair that is longer than the average 100% black person, the coloured eyes that we rarely see in people who share our DNA. Is it because we are ashamed to be black or is it because we don’t want our future children to go through the same stereotypes that we go through today? Is it because we don’t see beauty in our culture/heritage?
We rarely ever see people of a different race posting babies of other races as ‘hashtag future baby’. It is kind of embarrassing that we place ourselves in…