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today was one of those MEH..days so i went on my google drive and found something that i had written a year ago.. well lets just say i had this little hobby where i wrote what i understood from the bible and i got as far as chapter 15 in the book of John, somehow i stopped but after reading this i feel like i should continue with whatever it is that i was doing because it just sort of made my day.

 John Chapter 6: 1-15  (part 1)
Jesus was fast becoming a man who performs miraculous wonders. As known as he is, he became followed almost everywhere He goes, this time a great crowd of people followed him as he crossed the far shore of Galilee ( sea of Tiberius). It is said that with great power comes great responsibility , so I believe that Jesus felt this way when he reached his destination and saw another great crowd of people coming when he was sitting down with his disciples, this was because many people heard that Jesus could heal the sick. Being a man full of hospitality, he asked his…

July! when did you get here?

how my winter vacation started 
well, i know its a little late for me to be posting about stuff that happened three weeks ago but, i've been so busy and i only remembered now that i wanted to share with you guys how much fun i had with my friends before we left the big city for our humble homes. My stay at home was shortlived because i had to come back for a new vacation job i just landed, so i didnt spend too much time with my family.
As you will see in the pictures, we were all about food and talking and exploring..Eating good food with good people, although we did have some ratchet food which by the way was delicious, lol... what can we say, i loove my food.
round 1

i had just relaxed my hair and it yet refuses to grow.. #blackGirlProblems

my friend Kamo, classmate, sistor and so many more tittles<3
my friend and fellow class mate, Rivo 

my pasta at a restaurant called Primi Piatti, was good

kamo and i had the same thing basicall, haha

as for the drinks...

round 2

the next day we decid…