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thinking out loud

Honestly, I don’t want to be proposed to in public. All these dreams girls have, to be proposed to in front of the Eifel tower or some romantic restaurant is not a dream of mine. I like romance, yes I do… but the thrill of everyone around you guys whispering “say yes, say yes” is a lot of pressure on my end. What if I want to say no! What if my saying yes is just to save you from waves of embarrassment and heartbreak in public? I’m sure a man wouldn’t like to be rejected in public. ‘It would hurt his ego’ they would say. Ego? Which ego? He’s wounded, get a stretcher!
Sometimes I think ego is just decent way to cover a man’s true feelings in order for him to live up to his ‘masculinity’
 I sometimes wonder about how the mind of a man who has been rejected works. And I ‘think’ they don’t sulk all day and cry themselves to sleep like we girls do when we are rejected.  Do they build themselves a cocoon and stay there until they heal or do they act like everything is okay and move on to the…