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imperfect majority, you are messing up..

21st century beauty is on another level. Something tells me that this is the century of beauty and vanity. We live in a fast evolving world,  a world where we might end up disliking ourselves just because somebody else looks better than  us; and sorry to pour sand in your soup but yes, some people do look better than most of us especially behind the lens and probably have their stuff together too than most of us.  The “glow up” has certainly taken place in many and flaunting it is a now or never.
 After many years of trying to love ourselves and have ourselves fit into a box, we are being told that there is a new box that we have to try and fit ourselves into, and we automatically feel like we cannot keep up with the standards of the world but still we look at the box and try to come up with ways to get out of the old box and fit into the new.
existence today is ridiculously expensive and emotionally straining, and it is no surprise that I would like to find a way to live life as a 20 …