imperfect majority, you are messing up..

21st century beauty is on another level. Something tells me that this is the century of beauty and vanity. We live in a fast evolving world,  a world where we might end up disliking ourselves just because somebody else looks better than  us; and sorry to pour sand in your soup but yes, some people do look better than most of us especially behind the lens and probably have their stuff together too than most of us.  The “glow up” has certainly taken place in many and flaunting it is a now or never.

 After many years of trying to love ourselves and have ourselves fit into a box, we are being told that there is a new box that we have to try and fit ourselves into, and we automatically feel like we cannot keep up with the standards of the world but still we look at the box and try to come up with ways to get out of the old box and fit into the new.

existence today is ridiculously expensive and emotionally straining, and it is no surprise that I would like to find a way to live life as a 20 something year old simple and strain free from the beauty, fashion and narcissistic world that seems to have made people critics and sudden experts on what to look like.

Today I am reminded in the coolest ways possible on how I should look and shouldn’t look on a daily basis. If I try to look fancy, someone will always find something wrong or simply have nothing good to say. Glass doors and walls are quickly becoming an enemy because they do not show my best side or capture me in a poised appearance, do not remind me of the  mirrors which have absolutely no filter and leave me lashing out and pointing at my far from perfect appearance.

Ok lashing out in front of a mirror that absolutely has no idea what you’re on about will not solve a thing and going on social media to find inspiration will take matters from zero to self- discontentment because of all those beautiful people living perfect lives while you are out here trying to fit in a box that society has blindly and subconsciously created.  I feel like I should slowly refrain from social media because I don’t want to see myself jumping from one box to another with the aim of fitting in or meeting society’s standards. Why not design my own box that fits me and my village of creativity and plans?

By society I mean us; the self-discontent people, because who promotes the perfect minority? The imperfect majority.

Its sad how we are rewiring ourselves  into followers, critics and shade throwers instead of leaders, up lifters and new age good Samaritans.

Can I go off topic? Haha.

A few days ago I found myself in downtown Johannesburg attending the pioneer Nation event  sponsored by Levis.  Attending a facebook workshop there, I found out the many ways that social networking can bring an impact on our society, and no, its not just about being vain but its about being creative too and letting people know about your creativity at your benefit, free of charge. The atmosphere in that place had me imagining a life filled with the presence of such great minds everyday. It had me wishing that one day, maybe one day, vanity will go out of trend and intelligence and creativity will reign forever.

anyways i hope you get the gist of what i am trying to say in this post. have a good October!
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  1. everything you wrote about here is what I am personally going through. thanks!

    1. pleasure Zinchie. thanks for reading <3


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