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catching up a little

hello awesome people <3 thought i should share with you guys some pictures i managed to take from the past few weeks just to show you what i have been up to. and we have to thank God that i actually had human contact for a while because i'm a homebody,lol. 
i had the pleasure of spending time with friends and family.. the gifts of good laughs and conversation can never be too much. 

 celebrating a dear friends 21st at Melrose arch 

mini photoshoot. lol the story of how i put this whole outfit in a matter of minutes.. talk about a real procrastinator. the theme was smart casual and i ended coming dressed like a hippie..nevertheless i think i didnt look bad at all, haha

miss party in a gorgeous pink dress and her good friends in front of the restaurant we were hosted at, MOYO'S, Melrose arch

the restaurant we went to had face painting as part of their services, and each guest had their faces painted. pretty cool i must say. 

more pretty faces. Mpumi and Inno
Mosima and Lelo <3 l…

early bloomer

I feel as though as young people, we are compelled to be great, put ourselves out there and let our intentions in this world be known. I don't know how it's going to end up because some of us aren't fully formed individuals yet.our passions may be or may not be unknown. we may be having trouble figuring out how to get our grove back or if we actually have groove at all.

I remember seeing myself as a very smart teenager; eager to learn, excited to make a mark, and just be one of the best people anyone would have an encounter with. The things i did then are very different to the person that i am now. Yes i was reserved but i was willing to fake it until i made it. I read books and knew so much! I was convinced i had a big IQ yet to be discovered and i knew words that i forgot now, remembered things i barely remember now. Its sad how my zest for a sense of individuality deteriorated as i got older.
In my mind, I would like to label it as being  an early bloomer when it came to …