catching up a little

 hello awesome people <3 thought i should share with you guys some pictures i managed to take from the past few weeks just to show you what i have been up to. and we have to thank God that i actually had human contact for a while because i'm a homebody,lol. 

i had the pleasure of spending time with friends and family.. the gifts of good laughs and conversation can never be too much. 

 celebrating a dear friends 21st at Melrose arch 

mini photoshoot. lol the story of how i put this whole outfit in a matter of minutes.. talk about a real procrastinator. the theme was smart casual and i ended coming dressed like a hippie..nevertheless i think i didnt look bad at all, haha

miss party in a gorgeous pink dress and her good friends in front of the restaurant we were hosted at, MOYO'S, Melrose arch

the restaurant we went to had face painting as part of their services, and each guest had their faces painted. pretty cool i must say. 

more pretty faces. Mpumi and Inno

Mosima and Lelo <3 looking all sorts of gorgeous

legs for days. Inno <3

beautiful sistor. and fellow blogger kamogelo, check her out 

pretty lady in pink. Happy belated birthday, you are loved Nana

hanging out and catch up with sisters of mine ( cousins)  from my dads side, boy did we have fun :) 
i love my family<3

me and Kholofelo<3. 
ps, i'm currently addicted to chocolate milkshake and refuse to have any other drinks when i go out. This will stop, haha.

Myself, my sisters Kholo and Precious and ses Precious'gorgeous kids <3

This may or  may not be my last blog post for the year, so if i don't come back with another 'vague post', i wish you all the best for the Holidays and may we all reach 2016 in one piece.

lets all declare that 2016 will indeed be our year of glowing up and wising up. one step closer to our dreams.  much love!

thanks for stopping by! 


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