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your clothing account could be a meal ticket

can I vent? So my mother just called me tonight.
we usually have very long phone calls to catch up on what had happened during the week, the weather, school and from her side, how my siblings and dad are doing. Mom and i's phone calls always have me laughing out loud (literally) and saying things that make me ask myself if it was safe to say to a mother, luckily she is my best friend so she never really makes me feel bad about anything I say or ask.
in the midst of our happy chatter, her tone changes and she says "one of our family members is a victim of fraud". I immediately panicked and asked what kind of fraud? And she said a 'fraudulent being' has used one of our family members clothing account from a certain 'reputable' store that a lot of South Africans know and love...I even went on to call it reputable because this has not even sunk in yet. I refuse to name and shame the store because I don't want to be caught defaming anybody.
of course there a…