your clothing account could be a meal ticket

can I vent?
So my mother just called me tonight.

we usually have very long phone calls to catch up on what had happened during the week, the weather, school and from her side, how my siblings and dad are doing. Mom and i's phone calls always have me laughing out loud (literally) and saying things that make me ask myself if it was safe to say to a mother, luckily she is my best friend so she never really makes me feel bad about anything I say or ask.

in the midst of our happy chatter, her tone changes and she says "one of our family members is a victim of fraud". I immediately panicked and asked what kind of fraud? And she said a 'fraudulent being' has used one of our family members clothing account from a certain 'reputable' store that a lot of South Africans know and love...I even went on to call it reputable because this has not even sunk in yet. I refuse to name and shame the store because I don't want to be caught defaming anybody.

of course there are a whole lot of details my mother dished out to me like the fact that the person or people who performed this ugly deed not only used the account on one but two occasions to wipe out the balance buying only luxury items.  for all I know this thief is probably going to sell the items for a quick buck; Christmas has come very early for some  I tell you!

Going on to report the matter, the store said that they do not have any cameras by the till to identify any suspects at all and the cashier who carried out the transaction was not even available at the time of confrontation, the news left me so disappointed about our retail store service in south Africa.


  • what kind of store allows people to buy anything on account without an identity document or any other form of identification?
  • what kind of cashier carries out an account purchase without comparing the signature on the card and on the slip?
  • what kind of reputable store does not have cameras, especially by the till?
  • is the staff properly trained on handling customer accounts?
one thing I have realised about retail is the fact that it is a repetitive job that may often leave the workers sloppy at the end of the day to the point whereby the employees stop paying attention to the littlest of details. but  does this give the employees a right to be careless at a job at the end of the day?  NO, this is somebody else's money we are talking about and it should never be taken less than seriously.

Retail cashiers are not supposed to act like robots. This is a career that should be taken seriously and be well trained for. Attention to detail should be one of the qualities of a retail cashier. When a retail cashier senses something ducky, they should double check to see if it walks and quacks like a duck because it could possibly be a duck. I mean, technology has evolved to a point where customer information can be stored in the system of a particular store, would it hurt to ask a customer to recite their identity number?

Although this could be solved, I am still bitter about the kind of service some retail stores give because I hear stories like this all the time. I am also disappointed by the people who were heartless enough to spend money on luxury items they did not even have to work hard for; what has happened to humanity? yes times are hard and our economy is not doing well but stealing and possibly calling it luck will not bring forth any luck. 

all I hope for is for retail stores to up their game when it comes to security and not only focus on the amount of money they are making.
  • train your staff
  • have security cameras
  • protect your customers
  • ensure identity at all times
  • pay attention to detail
  • transactions should be sent by SMS to the buyer immediately after purchase

If anyone reading this has a card for a clothing account, keep your card safe at all times!
After use, make sure it is placed in its rightful area. like I said, times are tough and other people are willing to do crazy things in order to survive, so your clothing account could be someone's meal ticket. if you by chance pick up such a card, take it to the store because the employees  know the right thing to do.

I am no master when it come to retail, shopping and clothing accounts but these are some of the things I have picked up when it comes to safety of customer and keeping the reputation of a store.

I am done venting.

thank you for stopping by!


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