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i graduated on my birthday

This post is long overdue but here goes; On the 13th  of  December 2016, I obtained my first degree! I am glad to say I am now a qualified pharmacist and it feels amazing! The best thing about the day was not only the fact that it was my birthday but the fact that my parents were beaming with pride, I cannot count the number of times i wished for that day and through the almighty's grace, the universe made way for the class of 2016 to be great at the great hall.

\ The truth about graduations is that even if it is your day, It is not really your day. it's a day for others to celebrate you and I couldn't help but feel like i needed to cater to my parents and my cranky little brother,lol,  I like to think that wedding days feel the same for brides and grooms; feeling the need to make sure that your guests are more comfortable than you are.

you see these two people above? angels on earth. the word amazing does not express their presence in my life and career. My venting and cryin…